Sometimes I sit and wonder,

At how they can rip asunder,

Innocence they seek to plunder.

Ferocity fiercely displayed

Bereft of all emotional grace,

Wearing a smile to hide a face,

It hardly slips, leeringly in place.

Malevolence – borne or made?

Then prey they must on the innocent ones,

Degenerate rites most would shun,

Tormented evil has just begun.

For they must ply their fare.

Finally locked away from town,

Never truly heals the blighted ground,

Innocence lost; innocence found.

A shattered life lies bare.

Imprisoned but of what cost,

Another person truly lost

Reprieved or on the scrap pile tossed

To maybe reoffend.

How we seek to demonize

The cruelty lay behind cold eyes

Were they ever civilized?

Do they carry out a trend?

So inhuman is their crime

Judged below primordial slime

Often, I do truly chime

Their repentance is often faked.

The fact, which said without any guile

Abused they were as a child

Corrupted and corruption compiled

A cycle has to break.